Welcome to the Accra Health and Longevity Foundation! We are a group of American, English, Scotish, and Australian seniors (all age 60 and over) who have relocated to Accra, Ghana in Africa. We have all relocated to Accra to live a simpler life, focused on health and longevity, and this is our webpage where we will share our adventures with all of you.

Accra is the capital city of the African nation of Ghana. It’s a nice, coastal city, and it is a simple place to live for us, much simpler than the chaotic cities we all hail from like Sydney, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, London, Manchester, and Glasgow.

As our focus is on health and longevity, our goal is to share helpful information with everyone on the internet. We offer resources to help you defeat diseases and illnesses such as cancer, HIV, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. There are so many complicated aspects to these diseases, and each of us in the group has battled with one of more of them.

Explore our website, and take a look at our resources page for more health-related resources so that you can live your best life with the most longevity. Take a look into our world and see what you can learn.