About Us

The Accra Health and Longevity Association began as a group of six seniors: Gina, 62, from Chicago who was struggling with cancer; Albert, 70, from London who struggled with substance abuse and was a recovering drug addict; George, 65, from Philadelphia who struggled with depression and anxiety; Thomas, 60, from Glasgow who struggled with HIV; and Josephine, 63, from Sydney who struggled with depression and anxiety.

We all connected on the internet and became very close. Over time, we discussed all of our issues, and we all decided to move to Accra in Ghana and begin in Accra Health and Longevity Association. In the group, we all encourage each other to live healthy lives, we all meditate and pray together every morning, and we spend a lot of time eating healthy foods and exercising our bodies, minds, and souls.

Our Mission

Our goal is to spend time in Accra living a simple life and spreading helpful information on the internet about the various diseases and illnesses we have struggled with. Cancer, HIV, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety can all be crippling conditions. It can seem like you will not be able to thrive if you have any of these conditions. However, none of these conditions cannot be overcome.

In the Accra Health and Longevity Association, we have all banned together, and we have all overcome our conditions together to promote more health and longevity. Have a look around our website for more health information.