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To deepen understanding of aid effectiveness issues, build ownership of the Accra agenda, and develop broad consensus around key issues, the international community conducted a number of consultation meetings before the Third HLF.

These consultations involved a broad set of participants: representatives of partner countries, non-traditional donors and other providers of development aid, and civil society organizations.

Consultation meetings with partner countries

Four consultation meetings took place during 2007:

Mauritius, 21 June, with officials from Haiti and 13 African countries
Ghana, 25 June, with officials from 7 African countries
Honduras, 23 August, with participants from 9 Latin American and Caribbean countries
Philippines, 17 September, with participants from 10 Asian countries

The following document provides an overview of these events: Summary of Partner Country Consultation on the Preparation of the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.

Regional preparatory events

Various regional and sub-regional preparatory events were organized during the six months before the HLF:

4-7 April in Fiji for Pacific Island countries
21-22 April in Bangkok for Southeast Asian countries
28-30 April in Kigali for African countries
5-6 May in Bangkok for South Asian countries
8-9 May in Bangkok for Central and West Asian countries
4-6 June in Santa Marta, Colombia for Latin American and Carribean countries
24-25 June in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Middle Eastern Countries

Civil society consultations

The Advisory Group on Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness (AG-CS) launched an extensive consultation process to help establish a broad consensus on issues of civil society and aid effectiveness. During 2007 regional consultations were held in Hanoi, Vietnam; Lusaka, Zambia; Cotonou, Benin; Managua, Nicaragua; and Kathmandu, Nepal; and an international meeting was held in Ottawa, Canada, in February 2008.

The International Civil Society Steering Group (ICSSG) also organized a civil society event on aid effectiveness in Accra immediately before the HLF.

Capacity development

The OECD Development Assistance Committee asked that international partners collaborate to highlight capacity development as a priority theme for HLF3. A central focus of this effort leading up to Accra was a major workshop in Bonn, Germany, in May 14-15, 2008. The workshop objectives were twofold:

“For Accra”: The first objective was to derive a series of key messages for the relevant Accra Roundtables and for the Accra Agenda for Action (AAA).

“And Beyond”: A second objective of the workshop was to reflect on post Accra action through 2010/11 and the longer term vision and strategic direction that may eventually tackle some of the fundamental governance, institutional and policy constraints to capacity.

The workshop built on the latest international guidelines on The Challenge of Capacity Development: Working Towards Good Practice.

To access the Summary Conclusions, Consensus document, and detailed Agenda of the Bonn Capacity Development Workshop, please click here.

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